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Harlequin Restaurant
St. Lawrence Gap,
Christ Church, Barbados

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From The Grill

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Lamb Racks
New Zealand lamb racks marinated in rosemary, soy sauce and spices, grilled to your liking. Accompanied by mint sauce.

$78 BBD

Peppered Steak
An 8oz. cut of U.S. Striploin steak*, grilled to your liking, served smothered in a home-made peppercorn sauce. (*Please note a striploin steak will have a vein of gristle.)

$65 BBD

Pork Chops
Perfectly grilled lean cuts of fresh pork, marinated in herbs and spices. Accompanied by the Chef’s tangy home created BBQ and apple sauces.

$56 BBD

Tenderloin / T-Bone Steak
Choose either an 8oz. cut of U.S. Tenderloin, or a 12oz. U.S. T-bone steak. Grilled to your request. Served with mushrooms, onion rings and grilled tomatoes. Choose either garlic butter or peppercorn sauce.

$95 BBD

All prices are in Barbados Dollars and include a 7.5% VAT (sales tax), and a 2.5% product levy. A 10% service charge will be added to your bill. Prices and availability may vary on select items.

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